My name is Marvin Blue and it is my absolute pleasure to present to you Blue Scope Photography. Becoming a professional photographer has been a life long dream and I am truly blessed to be living my dream.

Many people ask how Blue Scope Photography was created and the story is a unique one.  Many years ago when I first picked up a camera my teacher who is Irish by the way, could not really say the word camera without getting laughs.  Instead he would say "Scope" instead of camera and when I would leave my camera behind on my desk he would grab it, hold it in the air, and scream, "Who's Scope?"  The class would respond with, "Blue's Scope!"

Some fun facts about me, I am a husband and father to three beautiful girls.  I love traveling the world and have a personal goal to see all 50 states and over 30 countries.  I am almost half way completed with that goal.   I am a former United States Army Veteran; I was a Combat Medic with close to 7 years of military service.  I love practicing yoga and recently started training to run my first marathon.  I love to cook and try different cuisines as well as desserts.  I am like anyone else you would meet only my enthusiasm for life is contagious and I make it a point to laugh and smile.


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